Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

Bavarian Burger

Today I had an idea for a new dish which turned out rather tasty, so I thought why not share it here :-)

The base is a simple slice of bread on which you spread some tomato purée, sprinkle some oregano and basil onto the purée and then put some onion rings on top of it.

As the next step you heat a pan and fry one or two slices of a German meat loaf (a.k.a. Leberkäse) from both sides. While frying the second side you put some cheese (in my case Gouda *yammy*) on the meat loaf so it starts to melt a bit.

When the meat loaf is done just put it on the bread and then make one or two fried eggs which you then put into the cheese covered meat loaf.

Finally add salt and pepper to the mix and enjoy :-)

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