Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

B7 2011

And yet again I am coming home from a great Blood Bowl tournament, the famous B7 near Stuttgart/Germany. As usual the organization was great and the schedule was adhered to pretty much. Plus, as always, there were over 30 stadiums you could play in.

We arrived on Friday afternoon after a smooth ride and did enjoy a cheap and tasty barbeque as well as a couple of board games. Apart from my 6 games of Blood Bowl I also got to see some old buddies again some of which I had not seen for a few years. But now for the tournament itself.

  • TV 1.100.000 GP
  • CRP + Experimental Races
  • 1 Skill before each game
  • Resurrection
  • No skill stacking
  • Only regular skills
  • Scoring system 4/2/1/0
My team (Dark Elf):
  • 2 x Witch Elf
  • 3 x Blitzer
  • 1 x Runner
  • 5 x Lineman
  • 3 x Reroll
Game 1: Prince Moranion (Dark Elf)

When I saw the initial draw I was pretty happy since this promised to be a great start for this tournament. We played a few times already and this guy is not only a veteran and pro player but also a very funny opponent to play against. We played a few times already and the games are usually tight with good positional plays plus a lot of trash talking from both sides. His setup was a bit different from mine, instead of the third reroll he upgraded one lineman to a blitzer and a second one to an assasin. I took leader on my runner while he took block on one of the witch elfs.
I got the first offence and started to pulk forward on the right wing but somehow I just got no real leverage to crack open the defence. Instead the opposition got to my runner with the ball and while the dump off failed the runner went down. Luckily the blitzing witch elf went down while trying to get to the ball. So I had to to go for a rather desperate move and put my witch elf into the end zone and managed to pass the ball to her. So i went 1-0 up but with still a few turns left in this half.
With that much time left and being a few people down I was not able to stop the equalizer so it was 1-1 at half time.
In the second half I was pretty much with my back to the wall while the Prince's players pounded my defence into the ground and set up a comfortable stalling cage with their complete team just before my endzone and the blockless witch elf holding the ball. I went in for the kill and put up as much pressure as I could but still my opponent refused to score after shaking of my pinning attempts. With not much else to do I sent in the kamikaze blitzer, 3+ 4+ 1 dice block on the blockless witch elf -> POW!!! Knockdown into the end zone, ball scatters out, throw in to the sideline, next throw in only 4 squares towards the LoS and the ball bounces into the hands of another blitzer that was pinned by an opposing player. He dodge out and ran for the hills while the few players left from my team tries to cover him as good as possible. My opponent only managed to tag the ball carrier with his assasin but I was able to get a lineman next to him so my blitzer could smack the assasin while moving towards the endzone and completely out of reach. Final result 2-1.

All in all this was great game where I had the lucky break in the end and feeling a little sorry for my opponent who played a great game and once again proofed to be a great sport even when being robbed in the last turns.

Game 2: Orkboss (Dark Elf)

Same team as before with the same line up, I took block on my first witch elf giving me the same skill set as my opponent. This match is summed up pretty quick, I had a good run of my block and cas dice killing his two skilled players within 4 turns. In the middle of the second half my opponent pretty much stopped trying to defend or anything due to a huge frustration wave caused by lack of players. I definitly had the better dice by far in this game but truth to be told my opponent gave me way too many blocks especially in the first turns even on his AV7 guys allowing me to take positional advantage and thus increasing pressure. So in the end I won 5-0.

Game 3: Flix (Dark Elf)

Again Dark Elves, again with the same skill selection as me, leader and 2 times block on the witch elves. The line up was similar to the opponents before but instead of an assasin he used a lineman and 2 fan factor. Flix and I have a pretty long history in Blood Bowl, mainly from online games, where he usually kicks my ass due to his excellent coaching skills but also his ability to pull out the crazy dice when needed, so I knew this one will get ugly but also with a high trash talk ratio. This time the dice where on my side, I caused 4 casualties where he did almost no damage to my team. In the middle of the second half his luck came back for a while and he managed to know the ball loose two times with a lot of dodges and 1 dice blocks. But fortunately I was always able to recover it and so I got my third win that day with another 2-1.

Game 4: Sputnik (Wood Elf)

Finally not Dark Elves, YAY!! Sputnik and I had not played for quite some time but again I knew this would a hard one and still more trash talk. Even though he rarely plays nowadays he is still a very good coach using a very good team, so I had to be careful. He got 2 war dancers, 2 catcher, 1 thrower and 7 linemen plus 2 rerolls. As skills he had leader on the thrower, frenzy and strip ball on the wardancers and block on a catcher, where i took dodge on a bltzer. I got the ball and started to grind forward but at some point the wardancers came to close for my taste so I chickened out and scored, giving him 4 turns for the equalizer. I think this was a mistake but hindsight is 20/20 as you know. Even though I got a Blitz! I could not put enough pressure on him to keep him from scoring. In the second half he first kept his thrower with the ball deep in his back field while catchers and wardancer terrorized my half of the pitch. After I sent a player after his thrower he went forward and put the ball into a 3 man side line cage. Since I was down in numbers I saw my only chance to try an early break. So I pinned the corner guards and had a blitzer dodge into the cage on a 4+ knocking down the thrower but unfortunatly catching the bounce while being trapped. So in the next turn he went out and the ball got thrown back to his endzone. After some more back and forth he was able to take advantage of his superior numbers and movement and sealed his 2-1 win.

Game 5: Hellraiser (Wood Elf)

Another Woodie and another trash talker that  had not played against in a  while. As usual he brought his tree, a thrower and 3 catchers but only 11 players in total. His skills were leader on the thrower, tackle on a wardancer and block on all catchers, while I went for another boring dodge blitzer. The kick of roll put me into defence but after a failed pass and some daft dodging I was able to steal the ball. From this point onwards the game went back and forth where the ball first almost got to my opponents endzone than back into the middle of my half and yet again back to my opponents side where i was finally able to score. This game was loaded with good dice rolls for me and some crucial turn overs on my opponent's side so I got to score a second time on my offence. But fighting hard the wood elves where finally able to score a touchdown elf style with some nice ball handling. Final result 2-1, once again.

Game 6: p4m (Skaven)

The race changed but the trash talking did stay. p4m and I only played once on tabletop at the B7 2007 but had quite a few online games and as far as I remember I usually lose against him. He had a rat ogre, 2 vermins, 4 gutter runners, 1 thrower and 12 players in total with 2 rerolls. As skills he chose juggernaut for the big guy, guard for the vermins as well as 2 times block and once wrestle on gutter runners and again I took dodge on a blitzer. The game started ugly, with a crowd push due to quick snap combined with an aggressive rat offence plus a maybe too passive defence on my side. After a while I had 2 linemen and a witch in my KO box while I put two gutter runners into my opponent's. But still I found no good way to the ball. So after a few turns I had to resort to desperate meassures once again. Another time a bliter made a 3+ 4+ dodge to POW the thrower with the ball and a lucky bounce gave me the shot for a pass. After the use of my reroll for a dodge the pass to my blitzer succeded who ran for his live crossing the LoS. The counter blitz against him resultet in a push and he was pinned by a vermin and a gutter runner. I was able to pin both so my blitzer could push the vermin with his blitz and run further to the endzone. Again a gutter runner tagged him but this time the vermin was not able to reach him by failing a go for it after makeing his 4+ and 3+ dodges. So I got a 2 dice blitz on the little rat and scored 1-0, UFF!!

But in the second half the tide turned yet again, I was down on players had a few turns that did not go that well plus a perfect defence to start with. So I lost the ball two times and both resulting in skaven touchdowns even though I tried to put up a fight and even got into the middle of the rats half. But in the end I just stood no chance and lost 1-2.

All in all I had a lot of high class games with some dice going my way and some not and this was again an excellent tournament that everyone should try to attend. My overall result was 4/0/2 putting me on the 10th place out of 70+ coaches which is kind of okay I guess for my first tournament with Dark Elves.

But now.. time for bed..

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