Sonntag, 22. Dezember 2013

Dark Elf Painting Finished

So I finally managed to get my Dark Elf team painted and I must say I am kinda happy with the results. Of course any pro painter would just laugh at it but hey, it's still the best I managed so far ;-)

The color theme is Naggaroth Night, Xereus Purple, Hoeth Blue and Shining Gold. So rather traditional for this kind of team. As always painting the eyes has been the most pain for me and only for the Witch Elves it turned out okayish, so I still have a lot to practice in this area. Also I could not be arsed to bother much with high lights and shading but I will tackle this with the next teams.

This has also been my first project where I used electrostatic grass and I think it looks pretty neat. First the bases have been flocked with brown acre and then another layer of glue and grass finished it off. That way in some places you can see the sandy ground and hopefully this does not mean I have to replace all the portions of grass the minis will loose over time.

Finally I added two layers of spray varnish, first glossy then mat to preserve the color as good as possible.

And yes, I really need to get a better camera for future pics ;-)

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